Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Caterpillar's Tale vol IV

Today we shot the final scene of “A Caterpillar’s Tale”. Not the last scene I have to shoot, just the last scene in the program. It was, by far, the most complicated, involving actors interacting with a puppet that has most of the lines, a dozen ensemble actors, a dance number and character make-up.

The thing that kept me awake at night leading up to this shoot was the amount of actors in the scene, and how I was going to manage making sure they hit their marks, delivered their lines and kept the energy up through multiple takes. It turns out that it was the actors themselves that made it such a great experience.

The ability to stand and deliver a line, and their willingness to do it well, made all the difference. Many of the actors in this production learned their craft under the tutelage of Bonnie and John Ryerson of the Pied Piper Youth Theater, , and Bonnie and John have taught them well. Some even came from rehearsals of a PPYT production, to lend their talents to our show. To them I say, “Well done… now get some sleep.”

One of the cool things that brought it all together was the chance to work with Kayla Hamilton, a young choreographer who is definitely on her way to big things. She pulled a group of kids together into a simple dance routine that is going to look so great as an ending… I couldn’t be happier with the result. It was slick, it was creepy… very, very cool.

Another scene tomorrow, featuring costumes by Cyndi Davern, , three more next week, and then pick-ups, B-roll, environmentals…, and then I spend the rest of August editing. I love summer projects!