Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Excitement and loss
devastation and heroism defined
Infamy and focus, "We're in, we're in!"
Destruction and pain on all sides

Propaganda and body parts
Cartoons and evil defined
A tear for the dead and a shout at the hunted
"How could they have been so blind?"

Lines drawn in the sand
A new standard of living to be idealized
those removed beneath the notice
of men with profits to realize

The jungle sings its cruel song
The shadows laugh and destroy
Technology emboldens but fails to deliver
Just the tallest of the toys

To each, his need in turn
From each his strength in time
fine until true natures emerge
Push back, push back, must hold the line

Corruption held up as the lesser
Two evils or three or four
The warm and well fed with no reason to see
the eyes of revenge at their door

The height of hubris beckons
"An idea to be changed!", we're sold
And the retribution we watched again and again
is the reason for it, we are told.