Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Caterpillar's Tale Production Notes vol. II

It was 93 degrees f today, and I had a half dozen kids marching up and down my driveway, screaming their heads off. Why? Because they were the "villagers" storming the castle of the Evil Scientist in our production. Good sports all, they dutifully hit their marks and created a scene that, most likely, lead to a few head-scratching moments among my neighbors.

Aside from a sad face or two when it was discovered that I only had one pitchfork among the rakes and shovels they carried, these kids took a small scene in the script and gave it life... as only kids can.

While their moms looked on from the top of the hill, they performed well, even as I sent them back to their starting places with a cry of "Great! That was terrific! Let's do it again!"

Production Manager Gina Davis brought it all together, as she and Margo Mueller put the finishing touches to the costumes, walking a fine line between poor, angry villagers and flat out hobos.

A special shout out to Bonnie Ryerson of the Pied Piper Youth Theater for the girls' costumes, straight out of last year's production of Annie Jr. And, a big thanks to Deborah Elk for delivering them to us, just in time!

You can find out more about PPYT on their website at

Aside from today's shooting, we also had a costume fitting for some of our youngest actors, who will be performing in the production's final scene. We are scheduled to shoot that next week. That will be the biggest scene, and one that will require the most work for all involved.

After our initial read-through, it became obvious that it would make the scene stronger to flesh it out a bit, and give each actor at least one line to deliver. Along with the added benefit of happier actors, (who doesn't want the chance to stand and deliver a line?), I'm confident that the scene itself will benefit from the different styles and deliveries I'm sure to get on camera.

We'll post more photos next week, as some of the more involved scenes are shot. Stay tuned.