Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Caterpillar's Tale Production notes vol. V

We’re getting there! After today’s shoot, I’m even more psyched than ever about putting this project together.

Today we shot two scenes. One with the bats, and one with the owl.
The bats were so cute and wicked, they are sure to be stand out characters in our project. Our bats performed in the perfect blend of scary/cute/fun. My head was full of ideas about sound and light effects I’m going to use for this scene. I’m looking forward to editing it!

The owl was great, too. Our actress was spot on in her delivery, attitude and motherly-ness. It was a real treat to capture.

I have a few days until our next scenes, so I’m going to try and catch up on some other work. But, after today, it’ll be hard to focus on anything other than this project!

Just as a recap, this project is part of an anti-bullying effort for a local school district. Its intended audience is the students of the district in grades K-4, so it has to be fun, funny and still get the message across. It’s my hope that we can make it memorable enough so that the message sinks in while the kids enjoy watching it. With such great actors, craft work and creativity behind it, I think we’re going to make it happen!