Friday, August 12, 2011

A Caterpillar's Tale production notes VI

Last minute script changes, shuffling the characters around and one really cool camera angle later, today's scenes shot for "A Caterpillar's Tale" are destined for the editing deck.

While the actors looked at me with blank stares, I explained how we would be shooting things out of sequence, in order to adhere to our hard-stop time. Being stage actors, they are used to starting a scene and plowing through to the end. This is, no doubt, a strange and disconnected way to perform.

Being kids, they have parents who expect to pick them up at the time that I said we would be done. So, in order to make that happen, I needed to shoot in groups of segments, guaranteeing that no one but me knew what was going on.

And, as a side note... I shot everything I needed and was still finished ten minutes before the hard-stop time! Yay me!

But as a director, I know what I want in the way of shots, and as an editor, I know that more is always better. So, to the all-too-familiar sound of me saying, "Great! That was terrific... let's do it again," we bounced around our script.
We have one actor scene left, two more scenes with the puppets, and this thing will be solely the province of the editor, (me). I know, I know... I'm a geek, but I find that to be pretty exciting!