Friday, April 8, 2011

Corporal Punishment
I read this. And so I then I read this.
And then, because I couldn't believe that I was getting the full story, I went here:

Growing up and living in the Northeast, U.S., I have never been hit by a teacher in school. I'm quite sure that my mother, even as I pushed her toward the brink of her sanity time and time again during my educational years, would never have allowed it.  Raising my children now in the Northeast means that, while I have certainly heard of the practice of corporal punishment, I was under the assumption that it was a thing of the past, buried away with those times of air raid drills, segregated schools and doctors doing cigarette commercials on TV.

So, you can imagine my shame-faced surprise when I discovered that 19 states in our nation still allow, condone and in some places encourage corporal punishment in schools. And, as if that isn't enough to get the blood boiling, perhaps the fact that many instances of said punishments are carried out on special needs children, as a means to better condition them to "behave", will shake up your complacency. It shook mine to its core.

I didn't know this.  When I've seen instances of this on the news, I thought it was just that... news.  So rare in its occurence that it warrants mention in the national media. Not so, it seems.  As I read more about this topic, I was less surprised to find that the proponents of corporal punishment primarily use the Bible as justification for such policies.

Now, while I am no stranger to theological debates, (admittedly poorly informed as I am), I again, thought such arguments to be a thing of the past.

Rather than open that debate here, I put forth the following statement;
I abhor the very idea of someone, anyone, striking my child.  No matter where I may choose to live, no one is allowed, in my eyes, to inflict corporal punishment on my children.  You do so at your own peril. Should any school administrator or instructor ever find themselves in the position to carry out this practice on my offspring, I guarantee that when I have finished with you, you will wish for a long and painful court proceding against the ACLU, because it will be far, far more pleasurable than your one and only meeting with me.
Governors of those 19 states, (and you know who you are), stop this practice now.